We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter (and also Services Provider) of Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Hydrant Equipments, Fire Hydrants, Fire Hose Pipes, Fire Branch Pipes, Fire Hose Cabinets, Hose Reel Drums, Fire Brigade Inlet Connections (2 (Two) Way, 3 (Three) Way, 4 (Four) Way), Water Jet Monitors and our setup is situated in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar, Nagpur (Maharashtra, India).

We provide a comprehensive range of Fire Hydrant Systems that are commissioned on a turnkey basis.

Fire Hydrants are connection points by which water can be thrown directly onto the fire or to fill fire engines. The pressure of the water flow helps firefighters to smother out of control fires. Because of high water pressure, these hydrants are used only by trained firefighters to avoid injuries.

Technical Specification:-

It’s a 5290 type ‘a’ landing valve gunmetal and is 318-ltb 2 grade 75mm
Cast iron hand wheel 63mm
38 and 50mm female outlets
Female out lets with blank cap flange Flanged inlet brass spindle 200mm, 165mm and 19mm tested to hydraulic Pressure of 21 kg/cm3


Fire Hose Pipes of various sizes are used in connection with the water delivery couplings and branch pipes to spray pressurized water on fire. IF&S manufactures Fire Hoses according to the IS: 636 standards of BIS. They are available in CP, RRL and Pyroprotect (synthetic) varieties in standard Dia of 63 mm.

Fire Hoses Have the Following Properties:-

Easy to handle and wind up due to high flexibility
High resistance to abrasions and heat
Can be banded with GI ( Galvanized iron ), Copper ( cu ) or SS ( stainless steel ) rivets and wire to the couplings
High chemical resistance


Fire Branch Pipe are used for focused spray of water from Fire Hydrant on the fire. Male and female delivery hose couplings are connected to the Fire Hoses. Couplings can be used to couple or connect together a number of hose pipes to increase the range of use and throw of water of the Fire Hydrant System.

Branch Pipe Have the Following Properties:-

ISI Marked and CE Certified
Available in Gun Metal, Stainless Steel Aluminium
Instantaneous type Male Female Couplings
Castings are clean, sounded free from gross porosity
Machined surface is within tolerance and is in accordance to IS: 903-1993
Coupling washers are made of natural rubber
Plungers are of self-locking type


Fire Hose Boxes are used for safe keeping and storing the Fire Hose Pipes, Branch Pipes, Fireman Axe and other fire fighting accessories as required at site. Fire Hose cabinets are made of Mild steel, Fiberglass or Stainless steel in various sizes and across various specifications as per the needs of the site and requirements of the customer. The standard ones have a front of clear glass and a locking arrangement for safety of the inside kept items.

Hose Box Have the Following Properties:-

Size - 30" x 24" x 10"
Available in 16 gauge and 18 gauge
Powder Coated
Square key lock operated
Glass door or Blank Door
Heavy Duty
Suitable for two 15 mtrs hose and one branch nozzle


Fire Hose Reel is a first-aid device used to put off small fires if a normal fire extinguisher is either unable to put off the fire or can’t be used on the fire. It consists of a swinging type metal drum mounted with a standard size of 30 meters of 20 mm Dia fire hose reel and provided with a fine nozzle to spray water. IF&S manufacture fire hose reel as per the specification of IS: 884 of BIS standards.

Hose Reel Have the Following Properties:-

Body: Mild Steel Nozzle: Gun Metal Hose : Thermoplast/Rubber
Fire Hose Reel Drum with 30 meters Hose and Gunmetal Shut off nozzle.
500 mm x 650 mm x 310mm
Tested at 21kgf/cm2 as per IS: 884-1985
MS Heavy type as per IS-884

FIRE BRIGADE INLET CONNECTION ( 2 way, 3 way, & 4 Way ) :

At the time of the fire breakout, 2-way, 3-way and 4-way fire brigade inlet connection are needed to provide speedy access to water. Fire Brigade Inlet connections are installed as independent systems which function like building-specific Fire Hydrants. It gives immediate fire protection access by helping fire-fighters to put-out fire fast.

The Fire Brigade Inlet connection should be installed in easily accessed locations, like along sides of the service roads of the large roads and away from hazardous obstructions or debris. Fire brigade inlet connections are of three types 2-way, 3-way and 4-way.


Water monitor are located on the line proportional which are used to spray water at various direction to extinguish fire. Due to its unique design, it has a capability to rotate in multiple directions.

Water monitor up to flow rate of 3500 LPM and maximum working pressure of 12 BAR. Water monitor are available in stainless steel and carbon steel with copper or aluminium alloy nozzles.

Fixed Flow
Available Flow: 1750 / 2580 / 3500 LPM
Barrel Diameter Size: 63 NB, 80 NB & 100 NB
Inlet Flange Size: 100 NB
Barrel Construction: Carbon Steel / SS 304 / SS 316
Nozzle Construction: Aluminium / SS 304 / SS 316
Approvals – ISI Approved